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Being behind the camera, keeping an eye on the light, checking the sound—these are all skills of a director. We offer documentary works as promotional films and character profiles with a journalistic touch. Here, the message comes to life.


We’re not Hollywood, and we don’t have major production companies backing us. Here, it’s all about the pure craftsmanship of filmmaking from start to finish. Nevertheless, we aspire to creative filmmaking, injecting ideas and variety into our productions.

Even more power as a joint team – Mplus Videoproductions and Motion Hunters.

Tom Binder and Team are part of our network partners in regards to film and social media

Our simple 4-step process for your efficient and captivating film

Discover & Strategy

We get to know you and your goals better.

Research, strategy plan, script & storyboard are created and presented at  a “Kickoff” meeting.


The strategy plan is set
and ready to go.

We’re producing your film according to
the efficient production plan
previously set.

Post Production

We go into deep cutting mode, so to have a fascinating outcome.

Animations, graphics and visual effects add value and provide a modern look .


We take care of an efficient distribution of your film products on
Social Media and Co.

Ad campaigns.
Target group marketing.

Watch this clip

In just 3 minutes, designer Michael Haak explains what to expect in the field of the medium of film.

Our friendly film team works with you on an individual basis…

Our clients are thrilled with how “empathetic” we handle them and their customers or clients. We accompany you, provide advice, and assist you in realizing every film project, even on topics that require increased sensitivity. We are flexible and adapt well to the requirements.

A few film projects from MPlus and Motion Hunters for your perusal

From a one minute commercial clip to a 30 minute documentary

Gesundheitsportal im Internet  |  Werbefilm

Handwerksgewerbe  |  Werbe-/ Imagefilm

Tierfutterindustrie |  Werbeclip

Bau- / Handwerksgewerbe  |  Werbe-/ Imagefilm

Gastronomie- / Hotelgewerbe  |  Imagefilm

Sport – Football Bundesliga |  Imagefilm

Land S.-H. Schulen  |  Imagefilm

Pflegedienst  |  Kurzer Imagefilm

Wahlwerbung – Bürgermeisterwahl  |  Teaser

Eventmanagement Agentur  |  Rallyebegleitung – Zusammenfassung

Gemeinnützige Organisation  |  Aufklärungsfilm


Just give us a call or send us an email.
For appointments we are flexible available.
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