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The identity of the company is more than just a logo. Image, philosophy, history, character, and much more contribute to the overall picture. The logo is merely a simplified visual representation of the identity. In the creation of a logo, one should and must think deeper and broader to capture the essence.

Image Doctor

We come to you and talk with you about your company, but not in the sense of a consulting firm that twists and turns numbers and statistics and ultimately resorts to cutting personnel for cost-saving. We look at the big picture and assist you in enhancing your image, addressing every aspect of your appearance.

The Logo

It is the visual flagship of the company; it should not be a random product but tell a story. The logo identity should enable the company to grow over the years and increase its value, as well as its profits and reputation.

A few cases in chronological order – newest being on top

Amtsschwesternstation  |  Fockbek

As part of a renewal and modernization effort, a traditional and non-profit nursing service affiliated with the Fockbek office also had us revamp their outdated logo. We listened attentively to the customer’s intentions and desires, presenting a solution that aligned perfectly with their vision. It was crucial to depict the characters more clearly, highlight the story, and refine the seal-like character to create a reputable trademark. The transformation should be comprehensible.

Förderzentrum Lernen  |  Rendsburg

In the Rendsburg area, strictly speaking, there is no separate “special needs school” anymore, but rather a Learning Support Center whose special education teachers are each affiliated with the teaching staff of their respective schools. Nevertheless, it exists as an institution, supporting teachers, schools, as well as parents and students in this area. Until now, there was no corporate identity or public representation. The school administration desired its own presence and identity. The web portal was supposed to be colorful and cheerful, appealing to both young and old.

Past Logo-Projects

in no particular order
(Design-Studie) means, that the project did not reach a conclusion, and thus, the design remains a study.

mg Employment Agency  |  Kiel

Lamorna Publishing  |  Holtsee bei Eckernförde

Holiday Apartments  |  Laboe-Baltic Sea

Naturaneo – Sustainabilty Agency  |  Kiel

Pflegedienst am Westensee – Care Service | Kiel

Lauenstein Counseling  |  Postfeld

Sälzer Consulting & Sales  |  Eckernförde

A Career 4 You – Empl.Agency  |  München

Palliative N.P. Organisation  |  Rendsburg

(Design-Studie)  |  Rendsburg

Humanitarian Foundation  |  Gr. Wittensee

Fitnesstudio  |  Schweiz

Digitale Signature Business  |  Schweiz

(Design-Studie)  |  Hamburg

Plumber  |  Eckernförde

Hairdresser Koch  |  Felm bei Kiel

Genbrug Foundation  |  Eckernförde

Crowd Founding  |  Eckernförde

Infoportal ADHS  |  Schweiz

Productive Learning Progr.  |  Rendsburg

(Design Studie) N.P.Organisation |  Eckernförde

Presoft – Software Developement  |  Schweiz

Service provider to N.P.O.  |  Kiel

Alt. Practioner  |  Frankfurt

United International Interiors  |  Russland

(Design-Studie)  |  Frankfurt

Flower Shop  |  Schweiz

Photovoltaik  |  Oldenburg

Freelance Group  |  Kiel

Speach Therapist  |  Berlin

(Design-Studie)  |  USA

HR Consulting  |  Frankfurt

Alt. Nutrion Medicine  |  Kanada

Law Practice |  Wiesbaden

Klaus Sälzer, Personal Coach  |  Eckernförde

Film Culture Organisation  |  Kiel

Service provider to foundations  |  Eckernförde

(Design-Studie)  |  Kiel

(Design-Studie)  |  USA

Accountant  |  Bad Homburg

Seed Devlopement Plant  |  Schweiz

Historical Club  |  Kiel

(Design-Studie)  |  Flensburg

Personal Coaching  |  Rendsburg

Gastro Consulting  |  Kiel

Alphastone Yachtservice  |  Kiel

Gysler Immo Consult |  Schweiz

(Design-Studie)  |  Berlin

Kinesiology Practice  |  Schweiz

Yacht Services |  Hamburg

(Design-Studie)  |  Hamburg

(Design-Studie) |  Kiel

Security firm |  Elmshorn

Maintenance Service |  USA

Security firm |  Hamburg

Kindergarten |  Schweiz

Landscaping Service |  USA

Flower Shop |  Schweiz

IT-Service |  Elmshorn

Fashion Boutique |  Hamburg

Online electroshop |  USA

Law practice |  Bad Homburg

Software dealer |  USA

Aviation service provider |  Hamburg

(Design-Studie) |  Kiel

(Design-Studie) |  USA

Sail boat transfer service |  Flensburg

Antique lamps  |  USA

Textiles for aviation |  Sörup

Practice for chiropractic |  Schweiz

Aviation service provider  |  Shanghai

(Design-Studie)  |  Hamburg

Aviation service provider |  UAE Abu Dhabi


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