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About the Studio

Behind the label “M+ Design,” which emerged in the mid-90s, is graphic designer Michael Haak and his colleagues within the creative network. Following Michael’s completion of the design program in 1996 at BYU in Utah, under the guidance of Professor Adrian Pulfer (former Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather, New York), this label was brought to life.


Our approach to design is very easy to explain. We love what we do, and we love finding solutions for our clients. We never dare to say “no” and welcome every challenge. Each project is a new challenge for our creative thinking, whether it’s large or small, requiring simple or complex solutions. We are always here for you – all the time. We look forward to working with you.


Corporate Identity, Logos, Branding, Image- and Advertising Films, Instructional Clips, Brnad Management, PR-Consulting, Printed Media, Flyer, Brochures, Books, Websites, Media Presentations, Image Consulting, 3D Modelling, Packaging Design, and much more …


Some of the more well-known brands we had the opportunity to work for or had projects with…

And some client expert opinions on our work ethics and the benefits of working with us…


Michael Haak has prepared sophisticated presentations for my executive leadership training with excellent density of statements. His professional expertise combines creativity and professionalism, accurately targeting the visual material to my target audience.

Walter Kleine, Experienced Logistics Executive and Management Coach, Germany

Understanding their Clients

Michael’s work is creative and always geared towards the needs of his clients. He has the ability to understand the needs of the target audience and design products that capture their interest. I’ve appreciated all my interactions with him and his work…

Anne Castleton, Ph.D., Serial Organizer, USA

Pure Professionalism

Michael is a real professional and he has the solution for your aircraft cabin design – and more (soft, simple & economic)

Jean Claude Coustal, Project Consultant chez United Interiors International, LLC, Fance

Good Business Thinking

I’ve known Michael for many years and I have always been impressed by his clear business thinking and his ability to work with people towards a sound goal. At the same time Michael is a very creative graphic designer who can work well with clients to create the right image for their organizations.



Harald Aamodt, Principal at Eur-Am Link, LLC, USA

Highly Creative

Michael Haak is very creative even under time pressure. He is extremely capable and it is a privilege to work with him. I can recommend him for all kind of business.

Rainer Müller, Owner of MAXIMITAS Coaching & Consulting, Germany

Results Oriented

Michael is a very result oriented person with a great ability to “think outside the box”. At the same time, his integrity and high value driven style makes him an excellent person to control and contribute to a successful bottom line result.

Dieter Lantin, Owner of United Interiors International, LLC Moscow Russia


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